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California Vacation Homes: The Golden State

California is truly the "Golden State" in more ways than one. Three large metropolitan urban areas dominate the state: Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. All of them are located on the Pacific Coast, with San Diego farthest to the south and San Francisco the farthest north. Vacation rentals in California are available in all of these great tourist destinations.

Los Angeles is probably the most famed city in the entire state, in part because of the film and television production industry located in the region's city of Hollywood, well known in part because of the large Hollywood sign overlooking the city. Visitors who plan in advance can arrange to witness the videotaping of one of the many television shows that are shot at area studios.

No advance planning is needed, however, to visit Disneyland, the world's first true amusement park and one which thrills adults and children alike today just as much as more than 50 years ago when it first opened. Next door to Disneyland is the new California Adventure Park that has rides themed on the great attractions the state has to offer. Guests can see a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge here, or they can travel north to see the real thing spanning San Francisco Bay.

Other San Francisco attractions include a real World War II submarine and the San Andreas Fault trail near Stanford University. San Diego is best known for the marine mammals living at SeaWorld and Mission Bay, which offers a variety of water sports for tourists.

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The Golden State

Posted by Yiren Tang on Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Full of sunshine, endless beaches, orchards and winery, aquariums and fisherman's wharf, artists' town with boutiques... Enjoy all of these in the famous Golden State!

Russian River area, Sonoma County

Posted by Kyla Brooke on Tuesday, October 30, 2007
This is beautiful country, many things to do. Enjoy the river, wine taste, eat great food, visit antique stores, hike, boat, swim, bike.