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Local Events in Ojai, California

The landscape in and around Ojai, California will look familiar to anyone who has watched certain episodes of the 1970s series The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. In these related series, the main characters hailed from Ojai and occasionally went back to enjoy the small town goodness that is present in the real town of Ojai to this day. Ojai has also served as a setting for more recent productions such as the 2010 motion picture comedy entitled Easy A.

There are reasons why Ojai has been such a popular filming location. Originally inhabited by the Chumash Indians, this town located in the scenic Ojai Valley is surrounded by mountains. Situated in the inland portion of Ventura County has fewer than 10,000 residents and welcomes visitors with open arms, something that tourists staying in Ojai holiday rentals have long appreciated.

There are reasons besides the people and the land to visit Ojai, however. Every year this small town plays host to an impressive array of festivals and events. The Ojai Film Festival has been in operation for more than ten years, but its much older cousin, the Ojai Music Festival, has been an area favorite since 1947 and has featured such notable names in the world of music as Pierre Boulez, Igor Stravinsky, and Aaron Copland. Ojai also hosts an annual conference for playwrights that lasts a full two weeks and draws talented writers from across the nation.

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