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Drive on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California

Malibu is an exclusive oceanfront community located in the northwestern portion of Los Angeles County. With a population of less than 13,000 people, it is one of the smaller cities in the L.A. area, which lends it a special kind of charm in this vast metropolitan area. Tourists who come to stay in vacation rentals in Malibu are frequently drawn here by the beach, which extends for a full 21 miles, encompassing some of the loveliest shoreline along the Pacific coast of Southern California. Some visitors may then wonder why signs posted around Malibu boast of its "27 miles of scenic beauty," but the answer is simple as Malibu was originally a slightly larger town. The borders changed in 1991 when it became an officially incorporated city.

The major thoroughfare in Malibu is State Route 1, which is commonly referred to as Pacific Coast Highway. This road traverses many cities in the Malibu area, frequently staying within a stone's throw of the coastline. This means that a popular activity for visitors is a scenic drive along the route, which is also called simply by its initials: PCH.

In addition to the beach, tourists to Malibu can enjoy the wilderness which is situated close by. Topanga Canyon lies to the east and the Santa Monica Mountains are located south of the city. Both of these areas provide locals and visitors with places to hike on nature trails, some of which ascend to the tops of hills and provide spectacular views of the vast Pacific Ocean nearby.

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