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Beautiful British Columbia

Posted by Janet Hobbs on Sunday, December 02, 2007
British Columbia is a majestic province on the West coast of Canada. It has the Rocky Mountains, an interior lake district in the Cariboo, warm fruit-growing country in the Okanagon and the many moods of the ocean lining the coast. Ferry travel is a great way to explore the Gulf Islands of B.C.

Village of Qualicum Beach

Posted by Yvonne Hooper on Sunday, October 14, 2007
There's something elegant about this charming village overlooking the Georgia Strait. Its clean streets and well manicured parks and gardens reflect the local pride and hospitality. Like a favourite aunt, Qualicum Beach is always ready to entertain visitors. Equipped with most of the amenities of a larger entre, Qualicum Beach offers fine dining and accommodation, as well as opportunities for naturalists, art lovers, outdoor adventurers, and beach combers. The selection of leisure activities is limited only by time and imagination.