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Vancouver Art and Culture

Vancouver, located in the Canadian province of British Columbia, is the third-largest city in the nation with a population of over two million people in its greater metropolitan area. Tourists from the United States are likely to feel right at home here, as it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada, with more than half of all residents speaking a language other than English as their first tongue. Asian immigration has increased in recent years to the point where nearly a third of all inhabitants are of Chinese extraction.

Those lodging in holiday homes in Vancouver will have plenty of time to explore the city's many museums and galleries. The Vancouver Art Gallery, for example, features almost 10,000 items in its permanent collection, including works by Emily Carr. The Kitsilano district of the city features both the Vancouver Maritime Museum and the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.

Ethnology and anthropology are also well represented in museum collections in Vancouver; the University of British Columbia features a museum of anthropology that has become a leader in studies of the indigenous cultures of the Pacific Northwest coast. The Vancouver Museum, a more general-purpose museum, is the largest public museum in the nation. For those that appreciate a focus on science, Science World offers interactive experiences for both young and old.

Vancouver is also renowned for an impressive collection of public art that is on display throughout the city.

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