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Panama City Beach has a name that sounds like a tropical paradise. The description is an apt one, as millions of visitors a year can attest to. The beaches are covered with sparkling white sand made of quartz crystals ground into a fine powder by the natural process of erosion and the warm climate offers over 300 days of sunshine every year. Temperatures average 74 degrees year round and the warm Gulf waters provide an inviting location for tourists to swim.

One of the more unusual attractions to be found in Panama City Beach is the presence of sunken wrecks offshore. Scuba divers here can see more than tropical fish and jungles of underwater plants; they can explore the seafaring past by having a look at several wrecks in a single day. It is little wonder that Panama City Beach is sometimes referred to as the "Wreck Capital" of the South.

A drive of just an hour and a half will take visitors to Tallahassee, the state capitol and for those who want to see more of the South; Atlanta can be reached within a day. However, there is little reason to leave Panama City Beach when this city in northwestern Florida has so much to offer, including the beach ranked second-highest in America. This beach is located in St. Andrews State Park, where forests, sand dunes, hiking trails, and even a lagoon can be found. On the other side of the city is a second state park, Camp Helen, which means that Panama City Beach holiday homes are surrounded by nature's wonders.


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White Sand Beaches

Posted by Kirby Collings on Tuesday, August 26, 2008
The United States has many beautiful and famous beaches. Some of the most noted are South Beach in Florida, Venice Beach in California, the Hamptons in New York, Hilton Head in South Carolina and Honolulu in Hawaii. Many folks are looking for a fresh, clean new beach destination. Look no further! Panama City Beach on Florida's Panhandle fits the bill. With it's growing fame as a beautiful white sand beach and it's popular moniker as "The World's Most Beautiful Beaches", it's a vacation destination worth exploring. The friendly locals are quick to help you enjoy your time here on Florida's less discovered coast. You can enjoy great local seafood with many restaurants offering local recipes along with specialties infused with flavors from nearby New Orleans. Panama City Beach is also a far less costly option to those well known tourist destinations. Come give Panama City Beach a try!

Panama City Beach Gulf Front Condo

Posted by Linda Nordlund on Saturday, January 19, 2008
A majority of Entertainment has condensed around a central area near the Easternmost end of Front Beach Road. The Entertainment District hold the highest concentration of family attractions, entertainment and dining choices. Within a compact 5 mile radius lies 126 holes of mini golf (including 18 indoor Blacklight holes), Batting Cages, Skee Ball, Bungee Jumps and Arch Swings, 45 holes of Championship Golf, a dozen Go-cart race tracks (including 3 multi-level tracks), 3 arcades, A 36,000 sq ft Bowling alley with complete pool hall and Roller Skating Rink, 11 Movie Screens (including a 1 screen outdoor theater), a Human Sized Grand Maze, a Haunted House, a Zoo, 2 Super Clubs, over a dozen restaurants ranging from Casual Fine Dining to Fast Food, and the World Famous Ripley's Believe It or Not 'Odditorium'.