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Wyoming: Home of Yellowstone National Park

Two-thirds of the western state of Wyoming is made up of rangelands and mountains. The least populated state in the Union, Wyoming is home to both Yellowstone National Park, the very first land to be federally protected in perpetuity, and Grand Teton National Park with its magnificent views of the Teton Mountain range. Wyoming vacation rentals allow tourists to explore the tenth largest state in the nation at their leisure.

Natural features make up a primary reason for vacationers to visit Wyoming as the state contains both the Great Plains and the Eastern Rocky Mountains. Other mountain ranges in the state include the Black Hills, the Big Horn Mountains, and the Sierra Madres, all of which offer excellent hiking and backpacking opportunities. One of the most notable features in the state is the Continental Divide, which forms a breaking point in North American physical geography.

The most famous area in Wyoming, however, is Yellowstone National Park. This region's many volcanic features give visitors a glimpse into the ancient processes that formed the natural features of the state. The bubbling paint pots in the park are hot springs brilliantly colored by a variety of different microorganisms, while Old Faithful is a geyser that erupts on schedule, going decades without missing a performance. The geyser erupts several times daily to the delight of large crowds each time. In addition, to be found in Yellowstone is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, which provides a number of day hikes.

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Posted by Hamish Tear on Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Without a doubt, the most spectacular single range in the Rocky Mountains is the Teton Range. They, and the Grand Teton National Park, draw some 3 million visitors per year - mostly in summer. And that is just part of the story: the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE), which surrounds the entire area (also entering Montana and Idaho, is home also to the nation's first national park - Yellowstone (of Yogi Bear fame) and myriad other wildlife reserves and protected places. The area is know as being the 'wildest' in terms of open land and original species preservation outside of Alaska.