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Missouri Vacation Rentals Offer Urban and Rural Getaways

The Midwestern United States offers wonderful opportunities for vacations, many of them in Missouri, which offers visitors both urban and rural venues for their holiday getaways. The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City, but the four largest cities are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia. Vacation homes in Missouri in cities such as these will provide tourists with a close-up view of the "New South, which is as urban and industrialized as many areas further north.

Missouri originally entered the Union when the Louisiana Territory was purchased from France. Today, the two great rivers in the state, the Mississippi and Missouri, provide not just a commercial access route to much of the state but also wonderful recreational opportunities across the full length of Missouri; both rivers are fully navigable across the full length of the state. In fact, the Mississippi River in Missouri has seen extensive work in order to deepen it for the benefit of both commercial and recreational interests.

The rural areas of Missouri offer visitors a charming view of days gone by, but one of the most popular tourist destination in the state is the city of Branson, which has become the de-facto Country Music Capital of the United States if not the entire world. In Branson, name performers such as Dolly Parton not only perform in regular stage shows, but also run their own theaters so they can specialize in giving the public the kind of performance that Branson visitors most want to see.

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Posted by William Kubat on Saturday, February 28, 2009
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Southern Missouri is one of the most beautiful areas of the United States and it is situated almost in the center of the country. The main geological feature is the Ozark Mountains. An older range, the Ozarks are known for their rolling, soft, wooded beauty and fresh, clean air. In addition, some of the largest and most beautiful lakes are found in the Ozark Mountains. The area around Branson, MO is especially well known for Table Rock Lake and for Taneycomo Lake. Table Rock is formed by one of the Central USA's principal hydroelectric dams and it is one of the largest lakes in America with thousands of miles of gorgeous wooded mountain shoreline. Tablerock lake is especially popular for boating and is one of the best known Bass fishing lakes in the US. Lake Taneycomo is a long, narrow lake at the foot of the Tablerock Dam. It extends through the downtown area of Branson and is considered the number one Trout fishing lake in America.

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Posted by Rich Postal on Thursday, February 05, 2009
Missouri is known as the Gateway to the West