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England Holiday Homes: London and Greenwich

England is a part of Europe located in the British Isles. Contrary to what many Americans believe, "England" is not synonymous with "Britain;" it is but one portion of a larger island that also contains both Wales and Scotland. London, the capital of the UK, is located in England and offers exciting tourist attractions such as the Crown Jewels, located in the Tower of London; the Tower Bridge, which uses technology from the Industrial Revolution but appears many centuries older; and the British Museum, where visitors can literally spend days viewing the world's treasures collected over hundreds of years.

London is no doubt the most famous tourist city in England, but it is by no means the only portion of England worth visiting. Vacation rentals in England provide tourists with many other exciting destinations. Greenwich, for example, is a short distance from London and houses the Royal Astronomical Observatory where guests can see the Prime Meridian, the single most important line on the world's map.

Also at Greenwich is the National Maritime Museum, a must for anyone with a love of the sea or who has ever been intrigued by the books or TV shows surrounding Horatio Hornblower, a fictional hero of the Napoleonic Wars. At the museum, visitors can learn the real histories of these wars and see the famed uniform Admiral Horatio Nelson was wearing when he took a fatal shot during the Battle of Trafalgar.

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Historic England

Posted by Alayne Jones on Wednesday, February 25, 2009
England has been well known throughout History for it's beautiful countryside and wonderful Historic Buildings. We also have plenty of National Parks and coastline open to the general public. Fantastic coastal scenery whilst walking along our well kept public footpaths - and all for FREE! Come and visit us in England soon for freshair, exercise, history and a very friendly welcome!