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Guadeloupe: Several Islands in the Caribbean

Rather than being a single island as some assume, Guadeloupe actually consists of a chain of islands. Located in the eastern Caribbean, Guadeloupe is situated southeast of Puerto Rico and is legally classified as an overseas department of the European nation of France. Guadeloupe is sometimes referred to as the "Butterfly Island" because its two major portions form a shape reminiscent of the insect.

Tourist amenities are located on several of eight islands that comprise this tropical country. The islands of Guadeloupe vary from Petite Terre ("Small Land"), which is wild and uninhabited, to Marie Galante, the largest of the islands. Some of the best beaches are to be found on Grande Terre ("Big Land"), which is largely dry and flat. Basse Terre Island provides a distinct contrast, providing visitors with volcanic mountains and lowlands covered with lush green vegetation. Perhaps the most popular island of all is Saint-Barthelemy, which has long been a coveted holiday destination for the jet set crowd.

Touring Grande Terre

Highlights of Grande Terre Island include the town of Gosier, which is rife with nightclubs. Tourists should be prepared to leave their beachwear, including shorts, in their vacation rental homes in Guadeloupe when they go clubbing. A natural wonder on Grande Terre is La Pointe des Chateaux, a beach location where the rocks and sand form the rough shape of a castle. And at St. Anne beache, the L'Americano restaurant offer free salsa lessons on Saturdays.

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