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Dominican Republic Vacation Homes: The National Cuisine

The Dominican Republic is one of the few nations in the world that is located on an island but does not occupy the whole land area of the island. Situated in the Caribbean Sea not far from the island of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti both occupy the island known as Hispaniola. While Haiti is a French-speaking nation, the official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish.

The currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican peso, but most tourist locations are equally happy to accept United States dollars or the European euro, which makes travel very convenient for visitors from American booked into holiday homes in the Dominican Republic. Known for both merengue music and a love of baseball, the Dominican Republic is also a place where visitors can experience a unique cuisine consisting of a blend of Spanish, African, and Native American elements.

Breakfast in the Dominican Republic is likely to consist of eggs and mang, which is a dish of boiled, mashed plantains; the plantain is a large species of banana that has a starchy rather than a sweet flavor and is always served cooked. Mang is sometimes served with slices of Dominican salami that have been deep fried.

The most popular luncheon dish in the Dominican Republic is "la bandera," which translates to mean "flag." This dish consists of rice, meat, and red beans arranged to resemble the nation's national emblem. Another favorite is sancocho, a stew made with no fewer than seven different kinds of meat.

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Dominican Republic (La Republica Dominicana)

Posted by Ariel Ramirez on Wednesday, February 20, 2008
With a glance at the Dominican calendar, one sees month after month awash with holidays patriotic in nature. While some believe this stems from the Dominican people's love of a good fiesta, it's actually the country's long and storied history that is responsible. Holidays such as Juan Pablo Duarte's birthday and Restoration Day all point to the turbulent past of this now tranquil tropical getaway. The Dominican Republic was discovered on December 5, 1492, by Christopher Columbus during his first voyage to the New World. At that time the island of Hispaniola (as Columbus named it) was called "Quisqueya" by the Taino Indians who occupied the land. With a population estimated around 600,000, the Tainos (meaning "the good") were peaceful and hospitable to Columbus and his crew of Spaniards. Columbus himself grew a particular fondness for Hispaniola, describing it in his journal as "a beautiful island paradise with high forested mountains and large river valleys."

Dominican Republic - Noth Coast

Posted by Patrick GRELLIER on Friday, September 28, 2007
Already famous for its endless sandy beaches, the Dominican Republic offers in Las Terrenas an even wider catalog of entertainment : beautiful lagoons, proximity with its charming inhabitants, close contact with local culture, numerous and quality services, quietness, exceptional vegetation, luxury, diversity of restaurants, etc.... everything you need, far away from the noisy and low-end excesses of the huge touristic complexes.

The Dominican Republic

Posted by Henry Vera on Saturday, March 24, 2007
Our private villas and apartments are located in the more beautiful and liberal Caribbean island, The Dominican Republic - Puerto Plata region. A special place where nature's treasures remain unspoiled and the simple joys of easy living are still easy to find. Here, in the heart of the Caribbean, you will discover more than 1,288 km of Coast line with the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean in all different styles. Find white sandy beaches, diving attractions and unspoiled nature all around the island. Savor the many delights of fine cuisine or casual fare. Venture "off-the-beaten-path"and browse unique galleries, antique shops, and artistís colonies. Challenge yourself with championship golf or just relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of the Island.