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Holiday Homes on Dominica: Boiling Lakes and Volcanoes

Contrary to popular perception, Dominica is a completely different place than the Dominican Republic. Instead of being located near Cuba and Puerto Rico, Dominica is an island in the Lesser Antilles. Located halfway in between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica is the most mountainous island in its chain and is often called the "Nature Island of the Caribbean" because the government has made extensive efforts to protect the natural flora and fauna.

One site that tourists staying in Dominica vacation rentals should be sure to see is Boiling Lake, which is a thermally active body of water smaller than only one other such lake in the world. Most of the peaks on Dominica are actually lava crater cones, and much of the land in Dominica is the result of volcanic eruptions eons ago.

Dominica is one of the few places in the Caribbean where there still exists a population of Indians who have not intermarried with descendants of Europeans or Africans. Hence, the 3,000 Carib Indians on Dominica remain a pre-Columbian population in terms of their genetics.

Dominica became an independent nation in 1978. The capital is Roseau, and for excellent scuba diving and snorkeling, tourists should head to Scott's Head where the edge of the bay is actually the remains of an ancient volcanic crater. The crater itself is lined with coral growths for hundreds of meters, providing a fascinating and unusual dive site.

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