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Oregon: Vacation Rentals Along the Pacific Sea Coast

The northwestern state of Oregon is bordered by California to the south and Washington state to the north. In between is an expanse of wilderness punctuated by small towns, cities, agricultural lands, and wineries. The entire western border of Oregon is on the Pacific Ocean, and much of the state's tourism is centered on the relaxed beach atmosphere that prevails throughout the state. Vacation homes in Oregon provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy an extended stay at some of the loveliest beaches in the United States.

Tourists accustomed to southern California or Atlantic seaboard beaches will find that Oregon's beaches have their own character. Fog is frequent and the shore at times can be rugged and rocky, though other areas provide gentle expanses of sand that are perfect for sunbathing or playing beach volleyball. One of the best features of Oregon's beaches is the moderate climate that prevails in the summer; tourists will rarely find themselves getting too hot, as the weather is usually pleasantly warm rather than blistering.

A common feature of Oregon's beaches is the prevalence of driftwood. Local artists throughout the state take advantage of this natural feature to produce knick-knacks, sculptures, and even entire pieces of furniture carved out of pieces of naturally weathered wood. Tourists often collect driftwood, but another popular activity in the state is visiting local wineries and dairies, which produce an array of fine wines and cheeses, many of which are available for free tasting during tours that are also offered free of charge.

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Oregon...The Best of the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Stevie Saleem on Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Oregon truly has it all! A rugged, picturesque coastline with it's incredible sunsets, the Willamette Valley with it's award winning vineyards, Mt. Hood National Forest with it's premier ski areas and limitless outdoor recreation, Portland- the City of Roses with it's classy metropolitan flair, the high desert region with it's incredible geological formations and unique wildlife, and Crater Lake- the deepest lake on the continent. The possibility for adventure is endless in Oregon. Come and see for yourself.