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Nightlife on Curacao

Tourists on the Caribbean island of Curacao may spend their days enjoying the many lovely beaches, but at night they may want to leave the sand and surf behind in favor of visiting some of the island's many nightlife venues. The best time of year to visit is without a doubt during Carnival season, which lasts for several weeks prior to Mardi Gras. Parties are popular during this time, starting early and ending late almost every evening during these weeks. There are more than two dozen street parades during the same period.

When Carnival season ends, tourists booked into vacation rentals on Curacao will quickly realize that every club on Curacao tends to have a particular night when crowds are largest. K-Pasa is a weekly entertainment and dining guide that visitors can consult to find out which clubs are best on which nights. The publication is available at tourist offices and in the lobbies of major hotels.

Many of the most popular nightclubs are located in the Salinja district, with music playing until dawn at many venues. One of the most notable bars and restaurants on the island is Blues, which is located in the Avila Beach hotel on Penstraat Street. Constructed as a sort of tree house perched out over the water, Blues is packed most nights, but closed on Monday. The best time to go is Thursday or Saturday if you are a jazz lover. Even better, Blues has no cover charge.

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