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Travel Tips for the Cayman Islands

"Keep your shell on!" say the locals. This phrase may make little sense at first, but visitors touring the Cayman Islands will quickly come to understand that it refers to the sort of clothing considered appropriate on these tropical Caribbean islands. Due to the colonial history of this small island chain, attire is somewhat more conservative than is true in much of the Caribbean.

The Cayman Islands do not allow nude sunbathing, for example. Swimsuits, including even scant bikinis, are perfectly appropriate -- but only when tourists are actually on the beach. When inland, tourists should cover up beachwear; a pair of shorts and a T-shirt will do the trick. When staying in Cayman Islands holiday homes tourists may want to try some of the fine restaurants on the islands; most of these expect resort attire instead of the shorts and shirts visitors may have worn to tour the streets. And when going to church, tourists should definitely look the part.

The islands are warm, however, so be sure that even dressy clothes are lightweight and made of breathable fabrics.

Tourists should also be aware of customs regulations for the Cayman Islands. Bring an official prescription for all of your prescription drugs and bring no more than one carton of cigarettes and one liter of alcohol with you. U.S. citizens should register expensive items such as laptops and cameras with customs prior to leaving the U.S. A sales receipt will also be accepted as proof that you owned the items prior to your trip and do not owe duty on them.

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