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Antigua is a Caribbean island located west of Puerto Rico and north of South America. An independent country that also includes the island of Barbuda, the island is a place where visitors staying in Antigua vacation rentals can bask in tropical warmth and enjoy a taste of a relaxing beach culture.

One of the highlights of a visit to Antigua is a trip up to Shirley Heights, which still contains gun emplacements from the era when the island needed to be defended from the real-life pirates of the Caribbean. The old military buildings at the heights, along with a cemetery featuring a memorial to the 54th regiment, are one reason to visit, but another reason is the breathtaking view. Tourists can see the sweep of English Harbour below and look far out to sea.

Antigua tourists should also visit Sea View Farm Village, which is the center of the pottery-making cottage industry still thriving on the island. Villagers collect clay from nearby pits and still use open flames in their yards to fire their pots. The resulting folk pottery has an old-fashioned charm that tourists will know is completely authentic, not imported from a factory elsewhere.

The Harmony Hall Art Gallery located at Nonsuch Bay is another essential attraction for tourists interested in the arts. Each November, the island hosts both a crafts fair and the Antigua Artists' Exhibition at this location. When not admiring the artwork available for viewing and purchase, tourists can relax in the local bar, converted from a sugar mill's tower, and enjoy some of the best views on the island.

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