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Anguilla is a small island located in the Caribbean. Situated just a few miles north of St. Maarten, Anguilla was settled by the English centuries ago. Today, the island is a UK dependency. Oddly enough, this does not mean that tourists staying in Anguilla holiday vacation homes can expect a "British" experience on the island. The currency, for example, is not the British pound but the East Caribbean dollar.

Anguilla is known for luxury tourism and lobster fishing. The island is fairly flat; its highest peak is Crocus Hill, which barely tops 65 meters in height. Made of limestone, Anguilla features natural formations including caves. The most popular caves on the island are the Big Springs, which is located in Island Harbour, and the Fountain, situated in Shoal Bay.

Snorkeling is a popular daytime activity for tourists on Anguilla. Coral reefs offshore provide a suitable environment for tropical fish and other marine species to thrive.

Tourists can reach Anguilla by plane or boat. Cape Air runs two daily flights from Puerto Rico, where San Juan provides a hub that allows users of major American airlines to transfer to flights to Anguilla. Another air route is to fly first to St. Maarten because many cities in the eastern US offer non-stop flights there. From St. Maarten to Anguilla is an eight-minute flight; local charters for the hop are readily available.

Once on St. Maarten, ferries also take tourists to Anguilla; the trip takes about 20 minutes.

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