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Within living memory, Montenegro was one of the smaller states that made up the nation of Yugoslavia. With the end of the Cold War, however, Montenegro emerged as a tiny nation of its own. With both picturesque beaches and a northern region dotted with mountains, Montenegro is a popular tourist destination for visitors from the United States as well as both eastern and western Europe. National Geographic Traveler, a publication updated only once each decade, has declared Montenegro to be one of the "50 Places of a Lifetime."

Montenegro's beaches are located along the Adriatic Sea, a portion of the Mediterranean separating Italy from the coastline of nations such as Albania and Croatia. Many holiday rentals in Montenegro are situated in beach cities that combine the best of modern water sport opportunities with ancient city centers that date from the medieval period or earlier. One of the most popular areas is the Ulcinj region along the southern part of the coast, which the New York Times ranked as one of the "Top 31 Places to Go in 2010."

Tourists visiting Europe can easily add Montenegro to their route in part because in 2002, the country has adopted the Euro as its official currency. Sites of interest in the country include the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, and the Basilica of St. Luke, which is over 800 years old. In medieval monasteries in Montenegro, there are frescos totaling thousands of square meters.

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Boka Kotorska Fjord Region

Posted by Amanda Hollick on Saturday, February 02, 2008
One of the four Montenegrin seaside regions, Boka Kotorska is made up of four beautiful bays, it is adorned by historic towns and surrounded by wild and rugged mountains. This stunning Fjord is a true visitors delight, full of scenic variety, charm and exploring potential. Kotor is situated at the bottom of the Bay of Kotor and is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. The old town has managed to keep its medieval Mediterranean atmosphere with narrow, zigzag streets and churches dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Inside the old town there are lots of cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and a lively night life during the holiday season. Kotor has a daily market for fresh produce and day trips can be arranged from the Harbour. Montenegro enjoys a warm mediterranean climate with sea temperatures ranging from 12 degrees C in February to 25 degrees C in August.

The Boka Kotorska Fjord region

Posted by Amanda Hollick on Saturday, February 02, 2008
Located in South Eastern Europe, the tiny republic of Montenegro, formerly part of Yugoslavia remains one of Europesí best kept secrets. With 170 miles of stunning coastline, breathtaking mountains and steeped in fascinating history it is fast becoming the place to be. Montenegro is relatively undiscovered by western tourism but this is sure to change with the publicity it has recently been given.