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Touring the Aegean Region of Turkey

Turkey is a large nation with a diverse history. There are seven major regions defined by the national census in this nation that bridges Europe and Asia. One of the most interesting to explore in depth is the area bordering the Aegean Sea. Vacation rentals in Turkey located in the Aegean region offer tourists a chance to examine the architecture of both the Ottoman and Seljuk Turks and learn about the intricate process of weaving traditional Arab carpets.

Visiting Manisa

The Sultan Mosque located in Manisa was constructed in the early 16th century. The best time to visit is in April when the Mesir Macunu festival takes place on the grounds of the mosque. This festival is held in honor of an elixir of the same name that was believed to sure the sultan's mother of a serious illness. September is another excellent time to visit. This is the time when the annual harvest takes place and grapes from vineyards across the region are produced in droves.

Manisa attractions that draw tourists year round include the Sipil Dagi National Park located slightly south of the city. Here, tourists can see the "crying rock" of Niobe, which eerily resembles the image of a weeping woman. Another attraction near Manisa is the town of Gordes, located to the northeast. It is known across Turkey for the quality of its fine woven carpets.

Visiting Usak

Another important carpet weaving city is Usak, once the home of Kemal Ataturk, the father of the modern nation of Turkey. In Usak, tourists can enjoy the Archaeology Museum, and learn about ancient Turkey.

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Posted by Amanda Skinner on Monday, July 27, 2009
Kalkan, a former Greek fishing village on the south-western coast of Turkey has metamorphosed into a chic and desirable destination. Classy and sophisticated, it is Turkey's riviera, the jewel in their crown. The old town has a network of steep, cobbled streets which meander in a lazy fashion down to the harbour, where gullets are gracefully lined up awaiting their passengers for the next day trips to Kalkan islands. Off these bougainvillea lined streets are further charming alleys full of tiny boutique shops selling quality locally made goods from chic clothing to pottery and glass. Kalkan boasts over one hundred restaurants, all vying with each other to produce cuisine of an extremely high standard. Many of these restaurants have rooftop seating areas, magical places to enjoy your meal overlooking the delightful rooftops of old Kalkan. Add to this heady mix the legendary Turkish hospitality and you have a recipe that is sure to charm and delight.


Posted by Paula Warrick on Saturday, February 16, 2008
This area is a region of almost indescribable beauty. So many natural features combine to give these shores its special appeal. Among the many natural wonders are pristine turquoise blue waters, innumerable tiny picturesque coves, lush Mediterranean vegetation and a summer of blue skies with hardly a drop of rain from June to September. It is truly a natural paradise where the friendliness of the people and the richness of the cuisine bare witness to a culture that is thousands of years old. The bay of Fethiye provides a natural port and harbour and is an important stop for yachtsman from all over the world.

SIDE Located on the Turkish Mediteranean

Posted by Bill Gleave on Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Side pronounced See-Day is one of the sunniest areas of Turkey. Situated on a peninsula and flanked by two stretches of golden beach, the pretty resort town of Side is a jumble of old and new, with an extensive range of tourist accommodation.Busy streets that lead down to the sea are lined with souvenir shops selling typical Turkish handicrafts like carpets, jewellery and leather goods. There are numerous bars and beautiful restaurants, especially on the waterfront and by the harbour (Turkey is renowned as having one of the finest cuisines in the world), late-night bars and restaurants are mixed in among the ruins of the ancient city. The town has an impressive ancient Roman amphitheatre and temple ruins which are both illuminated at night. The partly restored amphitheatre is used as for many events including opera and classical music evenings and boasts beautiful views towards the sea. Side has a unique and charming atmosphere and charming personality and can be enjoyed by all ages.