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Koh Samui, Thailand: Festivals

Koh Samui is a tropical island situated off the coast of Thailand. With a population of more than 50,000, it is the nation's third largest island. Characterized by coconut trees, coral reefs, and beaches made of fine, white sand, Koh Samui is also notable for the large number of festivals that take place here.

Some of these festivals are quite unusual, such as the Buffalo Fighting Festival held on special dates such as New Year's Day. Somewhat similar to Spanish bull fighting, buffalo fighting involves animals lavishly decorated with ribbons and leaves painted with golden hues. Before each match, the animals are sprayed with holy water. Buffalo fighting differs from bull fighting in that the animals are typically not harmed during a match.

Another reason to book Koh Samui vacation rentals is the Ten Stars Samui Art Party, an event that occurs every other month on the island. Featured artists from the local community present their works at these festivals, and international artists also frequently attend.

Tropical islands and bowling might not seem to go hand in hand, but every May on Koh Samui, a bowling championship is held. Staying through June will allow visitors to also enjoy the spectacle of the Avis Samui Tennis Open, where amateurs compete. For a festival with a little more emphasis on local culture and customs, try the Fisherman's Village Festival, which features five days worth of music and locally prepared food, much of it based on the fish and shellfish native to the waters around the island.

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