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Cape Town is located in the nation of South Africa. Known as Kaapstad in the national language of Afrikaans and iKapa in the indigenous language of Xhosa, Cape Town is the third largest city in the nation in terms of land area and the second in terms of population. It serves as the provincial capital of the province of Western Cape and is also the legislative capital of the entire nation. The National Parliament of South Africa meets here.

Some of Cape Town's claims to fame are its magnificent natural harbor and other landmarks including Cape Point and Table Mountain. Intrepid hikers can go on foot to the top of this mountain, but tourists enjoying vacation rentals in Cape Town can enjoy a more leisurely transit to the summit by taking the Table Mountain Cableway. Cape Point allows visitors to gain an in-depth experience of the headlands at the tip of the Cape Peninsula.

These features have made Cape Town not only the most popular destination in South Africa for tourists from abroad, but had also made the city the most popular international destination in Africa as a whole. Another significant draw is the diversity of beaches to be had in Cape Town. Water temperatures can range from cold to mild on the same day, depending on the beach visited. Some are on the Atlantic seaboard, but some are located along the False Bay coast where temperatures are much warmer.

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Posted by Jaco Lategan on Thursday, August 02, 2007
Bloubergstrand is on the West Coast close to Cape Town