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Poland: Highlights of Krakow

The large urban center of Krakow has a great deal to offer tourists staying in holiday rentals in Poland. The nation itself is a fascinating mixture of the ancient and the modern. From the residence where Pope John Paul II once lived to the Wawel Royal Castle complex, where tourists can see the tombs of kings and queens, visitors to Poland will find a rich history woven throughout this modern city.

Planty Park encircles the old town and embodies both old and new. The space today provides a lovely green area where Poles and tourists love to stroll, but the location was originally a moat, which combined with medieval walls, was designed to protect Krakow from invasion.

The market square in Krakow is worth visiting for its architecture and food alike. Also known as the Rynek Glowny, the square is enormous, rivaling the San Marco in Venice for size. The buildings surrounding the square are a showcase of the Renaissance in Poland, with neo-Classical buildings reflecting older history in their Baroque and Gothic elements. Though much of Krakow was destroyed by World War II bombing, the market square survived the war intact.

Dining in Poland opens up the tourist to a new world of culinary delights. Familiar preparations made with unusual ingredients are a common feature on restaurant menus. For example, most people have enjoyed a sorbet at one point or another, but a sorbet made of cucumber? Likewise, we have all tried dumplings, but in Poland they are made of spinach and shrimp. Parsley ice cream is another example of a creative preparation few Americans are likely to have encountered before.

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