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Getting Around on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

It will not take long for visitors staying in vacation rentals on St. Croix to discover that here; unlike in the rest of the United States, cars drive on the left-hand side of the road even though automobiles on the island have the North American standard arrangement of the steering wheel on the left. Driving can also be a challenge due to the sharp turns in roads that follow the island's natural contours.

For these reasons, many tourists choose to take advantage of the many taxis and buses catering to island visitors. Another option is the "taxi bus" or shared taxi, a St. Croix tradition common to other locations in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A taxi bus is a van that follows a standard route, but does not keep to a pre-defined schedule. Tourists can wait at any stop and feel certain that one of the many taxi buses will be along in a short time. The fare to ride a taxi bus is a flat fee regardless of the length of the trip, which simplifies fare paying considerably -- a great advantage for tourists who already have enough details to keep track of.

Another option for guests and residents on the island is the government-operated VIRTRAN service, which operates public buses that adhere to both regular routes and printed schedules of stops.

One of the best times to visit St. Croix is late December and early January when the largest festival of the year, the "Crucian Christmas Festival, is held.

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