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The northern European nation of Denmark is an interesting nation for Americans to visit because it is a blend of both traditional and progressive ideas. The nation still retains a royal family, though it forms part of a limited constitutional monarchy that operates within the bounds of a parliamentary government with elected officials. At the same time, Denmark is a capitalist state that also functions as a welfare state providing large benefits to its citizens. This has produced a high degree of income equality as well as a lifestyle that ranks as one of the happiest on earth.

Denmark has been a member of the European Union for decades but has not yet joined the Euro zone. This means that it retains its own national currency rather than adopting the Euro like most of Western Europe.

Denmark vacation rentals are convenient for tourists because of the nation's excellent transportation infrastructure. Rail lines link major cities such as Copenhagen and Malmo, and the Oresund Bridge even offers a route to the nearby nation of Sweden. The city of Copenhagen itself features a small metro system and the surrounding areas are served by the S-train, which is an electrified railway network that reaches extensive areas of the suburbs.

Copenhagen Airport is the largest hub airport in the Scandinavian region, but international travel is also possible through ferry services operated by DFDS, which offers routes both to Norway and the UK. Other ferry lines can take tourists to Germany and Sweden.

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