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Malaysia - Truly Asia

Posted by Jaco Swanepoel on Sunday, November 25, 2007
Malaysia is the perfect start-off point for the first-time visitor to Asia or those who have experienced other Asian countries before. One of the most tolerant cultures on the planet, multiple religions and dialects live alongside each other in harmony. The fruits of this harmony is a country where anything is possible and cultures Malay, Chinese, Indian and a plethora of indigenous peoples bring alive a canvas of colourful experiences, destinations and services. With the traditions of Asia and the respective cultures alive and well in Malaysia, modern technology is also firmly embraced, making Malaysia one of the leading economies in the region. Yet, despite rampant development and technological progress, Malaysia boasts numerous eco-destinations featuring the highest mountain in South East Asia (Mt. Kinabalu), the best diving sites in the world (Sipidan) and some of the top class accommodation in the region.