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Vermont Vacation Homes Offer a Stay in Winter Wonderland

Vermont, a state in the far northeastern region of the United States, is dotted with ski resorts, many of them with names that indicate a colorful history; Smuggler's Notch, Mad River Glen, and Suicide Six, among others, draw thousands of tourists every winter. Skiing is not the only attraction at these resorts. Snowboarding and snowmobile courses are also popular, along with a host of other winter sports. Visitors will also enjoy the small-town ambiance is most of these resorts, where downtown streets still feature buildings constructed during the 1800s, many of them displaying classic Victorian architecture.

Summer is also a popular season for tourists. All year long, Lake Champlain offers activities to tourists, from ice fishing during the colder months to trout tournaments in the summer. State parks, historic sites, and golf courses across the state also draw tourists who enjoy extended stays in vacation rentals in Vermont. In fact, the state is so popular for tourists that almost 15 per cent of all housing units are used to provide holiday housing. Only Maine has a higher percentage of housing reserved for visitors to the state. Some of the cities in Vermont with the most housing for visitors are Ludlow, Stowe, and Manchester.

Locals enjoy hunting, but visitors to the state should be certain to check seasonal regulations; hunting is controlled for certain species including wild turkeys, moose, deer, and black bears. A local delicacy not to be missed is Vermont maple syrup; some restaurants actually serve it with dill pickles to temper its extreme sweetness.

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Enjoy New England all year round

Posted by Chris Buendo on Sunday, March 25, 2007
If you are planning a visit to New England be sure to add Vermont to your list of things to do. Famous for its country inns, covered bridges, and recreational opportunities such as hiking, biking, and cross country skiing, Vermont has a lot to offer all year round. Although best known for alpine skiing in the winter, Vermont offers foliage and harvest activities in the fall and hiking, biking and outdoor adventures in the summer. It is the Green Mountains that hold the ski resorts for which Vermont is so well known so be sure to check out some of the finest skiing in the USA.

Enjoy Vermont - All Year Round

Posted by Chris Buendo on Sunday, March 25, 2007
Vermont is the second largest state in New England after Maine. Dominating the state's geography are the Green Mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Some 223 mountains over 2,000 feet in elevation, rise above fertile valleys that support an extensive dairy industry. The nation's sixth largest lake, Lake Champlain, runs along the state's western border. Vermont is America's largest producer of maple syrup and also produces substantial crops of Macintosh apples, potatoes, eggs, honey, vegetables, Christmas trees, lumber, pulp wood, and green house nursery products. The Mount Snow Valley offers activities for all seasons. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Southern Vermont along with the New England spirit. Although best know for alpine skiing in the winter, Southern Vermont offers foliage and harvest activities in the fall and hiking, biking and outdoor adventures in the summer.