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Oklahoma: Where the Wind Comes Rushing Down the Plains

Most Americans know Oklahoma mainly or even exclusively through the musical of the same name, but an extended stay in one or more Oklahoma vacation homes will soon prove that the state has much more to offer than just a stereotype.

One of the most interesting areas to visit is Broken Bow, which is located near Beaver's Bend State Park. The name of the town calls to mind the Native American heritage of Oklahoma; before it ever was a state, it was known as "Indian Territory" and was intended to be a sort of mega-reservation where the nation's Native Americans would live.

Broken Bow today offers a wealth of activities for tourists both intrepid and tame. One popular pastime is fly-fishing on the Mountain Fork River, or for a more placid experience, on Broken Bow Lake. Facilities for kayaking and canoeing on the lake are also available, as are businesses renting jet skis and paddleboats. That may sound like it would make for a crowded lake, but the lake is vast and well maintained; it is managed by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, who specialize in maintaining clean, clear water for tourists to enjoy.

Beaver's Bend State Park has hiking trails that offer a range of difficulty levels, including some trails that should suit small children. Children will also enjoy the playground facilities in the state park and will probably want to try their hand at a spot of miniature golf, which is also available.

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