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Vacation Rentals in Nebraska: The Great Plains

Nebraska is located in the Midwestern section of the United States and has two major regions: the Great Plains, characterized by a great flat expanse of prairie land; and the Dissected Till Plains, where the landscape includes hundreds of miles of gently rolling hills. There are three important rivers crossing the state from west to east, providing ample boating, fishing, and swimming opportunities to tourists staying in

Nebraska vacation homes: the Platte, the Niobrara, and the Republican.

Two of the largest cities, Omaha and Lincoln are located in the Dissected Till Plains region, which were formed during the last Ice Age by the advance and retreat of the glaciers in the easternmost portion of the state. The western portion, on the other hand, is characterized by the Great Plains, which themselves have several sub-regions including the Rainwater Basin, the Wildcat Hills, and the Pine Ridge. Visitors interested in geologic history will want to make time to visit all of these regions of the state.

Another point of interest for those who appreciate natural history is Panorama Point. Located near the Colorado and Wyoming borders, it is the highest point in the state at 5,424 feet. This may not be a high elevation by some standards, but in a Great Plains State, it is significant.

Nebraska's slogan has long been "Where the West Begins, a slogan that encapsulates the importance of this region in the history of U.S. expansion across the North American continent.

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