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Mississippi Vacation Homes: Catfish and Magnolias

Few states in the nation offer the wealth of culture and history to be found in Mississippi. Vacation rentals in Mississippi in locations such as Gulfport and Biloxi welcome visitors throughout the year.

The state is divided into several distinct regions. Along its western border flows the Mississippi River, one of the largest and most significant rivers in the United States. Used for both commercial and recreational applications, the river provides a wealth of activities to vacationers from fishing to boating.

Another region in the state is the Mississippi Delta, where the river fans out before it feeds into the Gulf of Mexico further south. The Delta region is famed for its catfish aquaculture industry in which large numbers of the fish are farm-raised for sale across the entire nation. Catfish can also be caught wild in the Mississippi River and its many tributaries throughout the state. Tourists who like to fish are advised to talk to local bait shops about the best places for catfish, since there is nothing like a freshly caught, pan-seared catfish for dinner.

The Gulf Coast region of the state offers a wider variety of fishing opportunities; anglers here can catch ocean-going species as well as a variety of shellfish.

The symbol of Mississippi is the Southern Magnolia tree. This tree is a large evergreen with white flowers that releases a pleasant fragrance often used in perfumes. In fact, a wonderful keepsake of a visit to a city such as Natchez, Long Beach, or Tunica would be a bottle of magnolia-scented perfume.

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