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Vacation Rentals in Michigan: Great Lakes Holidays

The state of Michigan offers many exciting opportunities for holiday travel. Located in the northernmost region of the continental United States, Michigan is situated in the Great Lakes area. In fact, the name Michigan itself is a French transliteration of mishigamaa, a native word meaning "large lake" or "large water" in the Ojibwe language.

In keeping with its name, Michigan can boast a freshwater coastline that is not only longer than that of any other state, but also more than any other political subdivision in the world. Out of the five Great Lakes, five of them have borders with the state. In addition, Michigan is bounded by Lake Saint Clair and has almost 65,000 different lakes and ponds within its boundaries. In fact, no location in Michigan is more than six miles from the Great Lakes shoreline or another source of natural water.

Easy access to all these waterways means that recreational boating is one of the major pastimes for both long-time residents and tourists booked into Michigan vacation homes. Places to stay consist of city houses as well as rustic cabins in the woods, and bookings are available on both the Lower and Upper Peninsulas, although the northern region of the state is most often preferred by tourists. These two vast land areas make Michigan unique among the states; in no other state is the land area composed exclusively of two peninsulas separated by a strait.

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Vacation Rentals are everywhere in Michigan.

Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Vacation Rentals are everywhere in Michigan. There are so many great areas to visit, this short guide will not do the state justice.

Western Michigan is full of little towns - all very different. Holland has really invested in their downtown and has an incredible beach on Lake Michigan. Not too mention the Tulip Festival in May and tons of other activities year round. Holland has a lot of cottages for rent on Lake Michigan as well as Lake Macatawa.

Sauatuck is the artsy waterfront city. Full of shops, restaurants, bars and marinas, Saugatuck is hoppin the summer and very dead the rest of the year. Very pretty downtown.

There also towns like South Haven and St. Joseph, both very nice waterfront towns, but neither has quite the offerings of Saugatuck and Grand Haven. Although South Haven has an incredible beach and some great vacation rentals on the beach.

Grand Haven is a little further north, also having a nice waterfront and the Coast Guard Festival in August. It's on the water and the town features probably the best beach in Western Michigan as well as some great Michigan vacation rentals.

Heading further north along the Lake Michigan shoreline the weather gets a little more iffy, but there are some great small towns like Ludington, Mears, Silver Lake and Hart.

No guide would be complete without mentioning Traverse City. With the onset of Global Warming the Traverse City economy stands to benefit. Traverse City has skiing, boating, shopping, tons of vacation rentals and a great downtown. The golfing is excellent in the Traverse City area as well. The downside is that it's pretty far north, so the temps are not nearly as consistently warm as they are in southwestern lower Michigan.

Definitely check out all of the various Michigan vacation rentals, we have a ton of lake properties, beach homes and B&Bs listed in cities throughout the state. The next guide will focus on Eastern Michigan Vacation Rentals and offer up some of the hot spots on the Eastern Side of the state. Thanks!

Michigan - The place to be in the summer!

Posted by Brent Kleinheksel on Thursday, September 28, 2006
I live in North Carolina and have rental property in Michigan. The summers in North Carolina are very very humid and very hot. However, along the Lake Michigan coast, it's usually very very nice during the summer months.