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Idaho is a western state bordering six other states including Oregon and Washington as British Columbia, a southwestern province of Canada. Idaho is famous not only for its annual potato crop, but also for the quality of its two major recreation areas. Hells Canyon National Recreation is located on the western edge of the state and was established in 1975 by an Act of Congress. Hells Canyon contains sections of the Snake River and is a popular stop for tourists who want to explore the archeological sites in the park. There are over 900 miles of hiking trails in the Hells Canyon area, which stretches over four different counties.

Vacation rentals in Idaho also make it easy for visitors to explore the other major recreation area, which is located in the central portion of the state. The Sawtooth National Recreation Area features more than three-quarters of a million acres of land preserved in its natural state. Vacationers to Idaho visit the Sawtooth Wilderness in order to enjoy not just hiking and backpacking, but also rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and kayaking. Fishing and hunting are also popular here and are subject to seasonal restrictions.

An interesting feature of Idaho is the existence of a seaport several hundred miles from the ocean. This may seem improbable, but the locks and dams on the Columbia River, which has access to the Pacific Ocean, mean that the city of Lewiston is indeed considered a seaport. No other port on the west coast is father inland.

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