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Bahias de Huatulco National Park

Posted by Vladimir Kovalenko on Saturday, April 07, 2007
Huatulco resort, also known as Bahias de Huatulco National Park, is hidden along the beautiful coast of Oaxaca. It has 35 kilometers of coastline and includes nine bays and 36 beaches. Bahias de Huatulco is the largest ecological reserve designated by the Mexican government, making it a truly a unique tourist destination since it combines a very modern resort infrastructure within a large undeveloped natural area. Located at the southern tip of the Southern Sierra Madre Mountain range, known for its high, rugged mountains and deep, fertile valleys, the area is surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, and wondrous mountainous landscapes. During May through December, the vegetation is a lush jungle green, offering a great variety of eco-tourism activities.