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Visit Lucerne, Switzerland's Medieval City

Located only an hour from the major cities of Zurich and Bern, Lucerne is close enough for a day trip, yet magnificent enough that tourists might consider booking their holiday rentals in Switzerland in this scenic city. Lucerne is famous across Europe for its air of quaint medieval charm.

The old town in this city is an amalgamation of cobblestone lanes lined with small shops and cafes. Medieval city squares dot the old town, providing ample trees and benches so that tourists shipping for Swiss delicacies such as handmade chocolates can rest and refresh themselves. Some cafs in this overlook magnificent vistas of Lake Lucerne below and provide an ideal outdoor venue for sipping a fragrant Swiss coffee.

The most famous site in the city is the Chapel Bridge, called the Kapellbrucke by locals. First constructed in 1333, the bridge crosses the River Reuss and attracts photographers both professional and amateur who snap images of its distinctive octagonal water tower. Beneath the eaves of this tower, visitors can still see panels that were painted in the 17th century. They are scarred from a 1993 fire but still remain a testament to ages past.

More modern history is on display at the Verkehrhaus, a museum dedicated to the development of Switzerland's transport history. Planes, trains, and automobiles are available in interactive displays, and children will particularly appreciate the simulators that allow them to get a hands-on feel. The addition of an IMAX theatre as well as a planetarium means that this is the most popular museum in Switzerland.

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