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Hungary Vacation Homes: Rolling Plains in Central Europe

Hungary is a nation located in central Europe. Its capital Budapest attracts tourists from around Europe and the world, who come to stay in holiday rentals in Hungary while they enjoy the art and architecture of one of Europe's greatest cultures.

Hungary, however, has more to offer than a metropolitan landscape. More than half of the land area in the nation consists of plains that vary from flat expanses to gently rolling hills. There are also mountains in Hungary; the Carpathians form a part of the North Hungarian Mountains which lie along the border with Slovakia. The most famous river in Hungary is no doubt the Danube, which divides the country into two parts, but The Tisza and Drva Rivers also provide tourists with recreational opportunities.

The biggest thermal lake on earth is Lake Hvz, where tourists to Hungary can enjoy a world-famous spa as well as a significant natural wonder. Hungary also has a wealth of national parks and nature preserves, with almost 200 different regions under some form of protection from encroachment or development. These include 35 landscape protection areas.

One of the most diverse of Hungary's ten national parks is the Bkk National Park located in northern Hungary. The largest such park in the nation, it includes not just mountains and forests but also cave structures that once provided home for prehistoric men. Tourists can enjoy the limestone mountains and karst formations that include dramatic ravines.

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