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Germany: Includes Essential Cities for Tourists

Germany is a nation with a large number of interesting cities. Vacation homes in Germany are located throughout the nation, making it convenient for tourists to become acquainted with not just the capital of Berlin but also with important cities in other regions.

Berlin, of course, is the best known city. Formerly located in the Soviet-dominated nation of East Germany, this city is where Checkpoint Charlie used to be a flashpoint for conflict between the capitalist section of West Berlin and the communist city of East Berlin. Today, tourists can visit the defunct checkpoint site and see the traces of the Berlin Wall that still remain.

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany. Famous for its nightlife, this is where the Beatles honed their musical craft before they were world-famous. That musical culture continues today, with nightclubs featuring the latest artists arriving on the European music scene. Another popular activity is to go sailing in Hamburg harbor, which features a port festival in early May each year.

In October, tourists should visit Munich, the capital city of the German state of Bavaria. Oktoberfest is a time when visitors can admire the Alps in this mountainous state while they enjoy sampling a selection of beers produced in the various regions of Germany.

A final stop for history buffs should be the city of Nuremberg, famous for being the site of large-scale Nazi party rallies. The rally grounds can still be seen, as can Courtroom 600, where war criminals were held responsible for their crimes against humanity after the end of World War 2.

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