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France is a nation in Western Europe. Straddling the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel, France is well-known for both its art museums and its beaches. France is a member of both the EU and the Euro zone, which means that the official currency is the euro. France borders both Germany and Spain, two other major countries which also use the euro. This makes travel between countries easy and convenient for those staying in holiday homes in France.

France is the most popular tourist country in the entire world, receiving over 80 million visitors each year, each of whom stays longer than a day. The capital of France is Paris and it is here that some of the world's most famous art museums can be found. The Louvre alone takes many days to see in full; in fact, the collection is so vast that only portions of it are open on any given day. Outside of Paris, small French villages offer a picturesque view of life in the countryside, and many regions feature winemaking, with the Champagne area the only region legally allowed to market sparkling wine under that name. The French Ministry of Culture maintains a list of over 200 formal gardens known as the "Remarkable Gardens," many of which draw city tourists out into the countryside as well.

France and the United Kingdom are linked by means of the Channel Tunnel, a rail line dug underneath the English Channel.

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The 3 Valleys

Posted by Simon Flower on Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Les trois vallees claims, with justification, to be the largest ski area in the world. So vast is les trois vallees domaine that the entire skiing area of Val d'Isere/Tigne, La Plagne, Les Arcs plus Valmorel would fit into it. 190 major lifts, 600km of marked pistes - most of the lower ones have the back up of 1500 snow cannons. For the more advanced skiers there are a number of itinerary runs and excellent off-piste skiing. It just goes on and on - and all this is accessed from the deceptively central St Martin de Belleville. Small wonder that once people have tried les trois vallees they come back year after year.

Why France ?

Posted by Sandra Thompson on Tuesday, July 31, 2007
France has lots to offer people of all ages. It is full of history, myth, culture and wildlife. As the country is so vast, it varies from milder temperatures in the north to extremely hot temperatures in the south. There is everything you could possibly wish for in this vast accommodating country. You will find the french people a very proud race but full of fun, gererosity and hospitality.