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Estonia Vacation Homes Offer Unique Cuisine

Estonia is a nation many people have never heard of. It was not until after World War I that the area was formed into a modern nation, but not long afterwards the country was incorporated into the Soviet Union. Now, it has emerged as a separate nation once again.

Classed as one of the "Baltic States" due to its coastline along the Baltic Sea, Estonia is located in the far northern reaches of Europe. Bordering Latvia and Russia, Estonia is separated from Finland only by a relatively narrow stretch of water.

Vacationing in holiday rentals in Estonia allows visitors to enjoy one of Europe's most interesting cuisines. Meals begin with a traditional first dish of cold selections including sausages, potato salad, and Rosolje, a dish made of herring, meat, and beet roots. Other common selections on the cold table include eel, crab, shrimp, and crayfish; the predominance of food from the sea indicates Estonia's close relationship with it. Founder, perch, and pike are equally common selections.

The largest tourist concentration in Estonia is the city of Tallinn, which features an historic Old Town that gives visitors a glimpse into the medieval history of the city, for Estonia, of course, is home to a people and culture that far pre-dates the post-World War I emergence of it as a modern nation. Just a few miles outside of Tallinn, the rural nature of most of Estonia becomes apparent. Magnificent waterfalls known as the Tallinn falls serve as a gateway into the countryside, which features wide expanses of farmland, and along the Baltic coast, islands dotted with lighthouses.

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