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Vacation Rentals in Croatia, Jewel of the Adriatic

Few Americans have heard much about Croatia and even fewer could find it on a map of the world, but in fact, Croatia is a growing economy in central Europe that eagerly welcomes tourists. Croatia is located in the territory that was formerly Yugoslavia and has a coastline along the Adriatic Sea. Visitors to Croatia can see 14 centuries of fascinating history still living in the form of cities and monuments left behind by an array of culture including the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The nation has no fewer than seven World Heritage sites including the ancient palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, the historic city of Trogir, and the Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik. Croatia is also notable for its culture; according to the United Nations, it boasts the most intangible cultural masterpieces of any European nation. For tourists more interested in ecology than art and history, there are eight national parks in Croatia.

Holiday homes in Croatia present tourists with the opportunity to become acquainted with not just one but two strong cultural traditions: Mediterranean and Central European. Both of these cultures can be readily seen in the architecture of the nation. In the central and northern regions, cities feature Hungarian and Austrian influences including large a public square named for heroes, groomed public parks, and zones where cars are excluded. Houses in this region tend to be painted in muted colors and constructed right along the edges of streets; inner courtyards serve as backyards.

Along the coast, however, houses are covered in white stucco and feature red tile roofs in the Mediterranean style.

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