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Austria: Travel Tips for Tourists

Tourists enjoying Austria holiday rentals will want to experience the fine cuisine available in this small nation located in Western Europe. Restaurant customs may be different than those in the United States, however. One of the most obvious differences is that Austrian restaurants, like those in many European nations, will not usually present you with the bill until you have requested it. Americans who do not understand this may feel frustrated at the "slow service" when in reality; the restaurant is extending them the courtesy of letting them relax as long as they please.

To ask for the bill, you need merely say, " Zahlen, bitte," or "Die Rechnung, bitte," German phrases that will be appreciated. Most establishments will also understand a request in English, but keep in mind that the check is always a "bill" in Austria.

Tipping customs differ as well. Visitors will find that most restaurants add both tax and a service charge to bills. With the tip already included, it is not necessary to calculate ten or 15%. However, if you are satisfied with the service, it is considered polite to round up the bill to the nearest whole amount. Be aware that when you say "danke" (thank you) to a waiter as you pay your bill, he will interpret that to mean that he can keep the change. However, it is not unusual to pay the exact amount of the bill if you are for any reason dissatisfied with the service you have received.

Tipping a taxi driver is customary although not obligatory. Most drivers expect the fare plus an additional 10%.

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