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Tobago: Site of the "Mystery Tombstone"

Located in the southern Caribbean, the island of Tobago is one of the two main islands that comprise the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. These islands are not situated in the hurricane belt, which means that even during hurricane season tourists can continue to make full use of their Tobago vacation rentals.

Tourism on Tobago

Two of the most important tourist draws to the island are water sports and environmental awareness. The coastal strip of Tobago, particularly in the southwest, provides many opportunities for oceangoing water activities such as windsurfing and diving. In fact, Tobago is the most southerly island in the Caribbean that boasts a coral community in its waters.

The center and northern areas of the island feature a protected rainforest, which allows those interested in eco-tourism a chance to see this habitat in its natural state.

For many years, Tobago was believed to be the island featured in the adventure novel Robinson Crusoe. While that status may be legendary, it is established fact that the island was chosen as the principal filming location of The Swiss Family Robinson, a feature film released by Walt Disney. As you might expect, this means that Tobago has the classic look of a tropical island.

Tourists on Tobago usually like to spend at least a few minutes pondering the famous "mystery tombstone" first erected in the 18th century. The inscription names a Betty Stivens, and then goes on to remark that "she was a mother without knowing it and a wife without letting her husband know it, except by her kind indulgence to him."

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