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St. Vincent: Volcanoes and Beaches

St. Vincent is the largest island in the Caribbean island chain referred to as St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Located between Grenada and Saint Lucia, St. Vincent is made up of volcanic mountains that are partially submerged in the sea. A British territory for centuries since 1783, Saint Vincent recently gained its independence. There are about 120,000 permanent residents on the island, many of them living in the capital city of Kingstown.
Natural Wonders of St. Vincent
St. Vincent holiday rentals allow tourists to see an active volcano up close. Called La Soufriere, this volcano dominates the landscape because it is more than 4,000 feet high. It erupted in 1812 and 1902, and most recently in 1979, the same year that St. Vincent became independent.

The land on St. Vincent is covered with tropical forests, which can make a stay on the island feel like a true 'jungle adventure' to those who come from the continental United States. Temperatures on St. Vincent are warm and humid, adding to the tropical ambiance, but tourists who seek lower temperatures can go to higher altitudes where the air is cooler.

Very few places on the planet have both black sand beaches and white sand beaches in a single nation, but St. Vincent is one of these. In some locations around the island, the two types of beaches are even contiguous, separated only by a line of rocks. More than 95% of the beaches on St. Vincent are of the black sand variety, with just 5% boasting white sand. However, on other islands of the Grenadines most beaches have white sand.

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