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St. Martin and St. Maarten: One Island

St. Martin is located in the northeastern Caribbean. Less than 200 miles east of Puerto Rico, it is one of the few islands that hosts two different nations. The Dutch portion of the island is located in the south and is referred to as St. Maarten while the northern portion is French and is called St. Martin. The island has fewer than 80,000 permanent residents with the population roughly equal in the north and the south.

Reaching St. Martin and St. Maarten holiday homes by air involves arriving at Princess Juliana International Airport.
Attractions of the Dutch and French Sides
The Dutch side of St. Martin is well-known for the beauty of its beaches and the excitement to be had in its nightclubs and casinos. Tourists on the Dutch portion of the island should be sure to try the exotic drinks available, many of them made with guava berry liqueurs prepared with rum.

The French side of the island, in contrast, offers visitors a chance to try nude sunbathing. Other attractions include shopping in vibrant outdoor markets and dining in restaurants that specialize in a cuisine incorporating both French and Caribbean traditions.

The most common way for visitors to get around is by private rental car. While major roads are kept in good repair, tourists should be aware that smaller roads may require a four-wheel drive vehicle. Some of the loveliest and most secluded beaches on St. Martin can only be accessed via these smaller roads.

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Sint Maarten

Posted by Carter Glass on Thursday, December 13, 2007
One of the most popular of all Caribbean destinations, Dutch Saint Maarten and French Saint Martin share this easily accessible island. Less than 2083 km (1250 mi) from Miami, visitors discover rolling hills, exceptional beaches, celebrated restaurants, duty-free shopping, interesting historical sites, casinos and colorful markets. A full complement of land and water activities as well as excursions to nearby islands are easily arranged.

St Maarten

Posted by Ronald Detiger on Monday, November 05, 2007
The island area of Saint Maarten (Dutch: Eilandgebied Sint Maarten) is one of five island areas (Eilandgebieden) of the Netherlands Antilles, encompassing the southern half of the island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. At the 2001 Netherlands Antilles census, the population of the Eilandgebied was 30,594, for a population density of 900 inhabitants per km˛. Sint Maarten borders the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin, which occupies the northern half of the island. The main towns are Philipsburg (Dutch side) and Marigot (French side). The island has approximately a total resident population of 85,000. The official population on the Dutch side is 50,000 while on the French side this is 35,000. Waypoint : 18.06° (N) -63.08° (W)