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Visiting St. Lucia

Located in the Windward Island chain of the Lesser Antilles, St. Lucia is a Caribbean island located relatively close to the coast of South America. The decline of the banana industry on the island has cued a shift toward developing a tourist economy. Since 2007, tourist amenities on the island have increased by leaps and bounds, and the residents here are friendly and welcoming toward visitors.

Weather on St. Lucia

St. Lucia receives intermittent and light rainfall throughout the year. While this can make for a lovely break from the more moderate weather that prevails in most of the United States, tourists who prefer the dry season for their stay in holiday rentals on St. Lucia should travel between February and May, when rainfall is less frequent.

Getting to St. Lucia

Direct flights to St. Lucia are available on a daily basis from airlines such as Delta, which operates flights from Atlanta, and American, which uses a hub in Miami. Tourists who live further north may prefer to fly Air Jamaica to St. Lucia since those flights depart from New York City's JFK Airport several times each week.

St. Lucia Basics

Once on island, tourist should consider renting a car since taxi services can be very expensive. Americans, however, should keep in mind that British driving rules prevail.

While much of St. Lucia is geared toward the high-end luxury tourist trade, other areas cater to a more casual type of visitor. Reduit Beach, for example, located on the northern end of the island is famed for its white sand and is open to all tourists.

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