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Nevis: The Queen of the Caribbean

Located in the Lesser Antilles island chain in the Caribbean, Nevis forms part of the nation called the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Only a shallow channel that is only two miles wide separates these two islands. The capital city, where many Nevis vacation rentals are located, is Charlestown.

Nevis is shaped somewhat like the characteristic Mexican hat known as a sombrero. It features a volcanic peak known as Nevis Peak in the rough geographic center. The western and northern shores of the island are covered with sandy beaches featuring a unique form of sand made from fragments of white coral mixed with black and brown sands that wash down from the igneous rocks that cover the hilly slopes on this volcanic island. Other geologic oddities on Nevis include volcanic hot springs along the western coast and other springs that produce fresh water. The native Carib Indians called Nevis the "Land of Beautiful Waters" in recognition of its many springs.

Nevis, however, is also known as the "Queen of the Caribees," a nickname that dates from the time when sugar plantations dominated the local economy and created significant wealth for early British colonists. Today, Nevis is occupied by about 12,000 inhabitants, most of them of African descent. The official language is English, which makes the island an ideal holiday location for Americans interested in a tropical vacation. Americans might also be interested to know that Nevis was the boyhood home of Alexander Hamilton -- one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

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