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Montserrat Travel Tips

Located southeast of Puerto Rico, the island of Montserrat is one of the glittering jewels scattered across the scenic Caribbean Sea. Vacationers looking for excellent travel bargains should give due consideration to staying in holiday homes on Montserrat. This is because a hurricane and sporadic volcanic activity during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s have caused tourist traffic to the island to decline. This has two distinct benefits. Not only have the prices of many amenities declined since the days when Montserrat was one of the most popular luxury destinations of the region, but the island is also much less crowded than formerly.

Arriving in Montserrat

Travelers to Montserrat must present proof of citizenship upon arrival. Tourists from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada may use a driver's license; other government-issued photo IDs are also acceptable. Those from other countries must furnish a passport, though travelers from Cuba will need to obtain a visa.

Getting to Montserrat

Flights from Antigua to Montserrat's Gerald's Airport are available on a chartered basis. Regularly scheduled daily flights by commercial operators were common until January 2011 and may resume in the near future. More information is available from the Montserrat Tourist Board, which can be reached by phone, email, or web presence.

Tourists can also arrive in Montserrat by boat. The main harbor is called Little Bay; it is located near the city of Brades, which has served as the de facto capital city since the legal capital, Plymouth, was covered in more than 40 feet of ash due to volcanic eruptions. There are daily ferries from Antigua to Montserrat.

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