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Brian Head Ski Resort Attractions and Amenities

Brian Head, Utah is located just a few hours' drive from glittering Las Vegas, but in every way besides geography, it is a world away. As the Utah ski resort with the highest elevation in the state, it receives over 400 inches per year of powdery snow. Brian Head has been named as a top destination for family getaways, in part because it offers an entire mountain with ski runs designed specifically for beginner level skiers, including children. In all, the resort has more than 50 different ski runs that range from novice to advanced.

Snow fun activities also include a half pipe that is open whenever weather conditions are appropriate, and a snow-tubing park served by a ski lift. Six lanes of snow tube mean that tourists can race each other down the slopes. There is also a Kids Camp designed to entertain children aged three to twelve, and for children too young for camp, there is daycare available at a state-licensed daycare center, equipped for infants as young as six weeks. These features make Brian Head a very attractive option for parents who like to take their children on vacation, but also need some alone time to fully appreciate their Brian Head vacation homes.

Those who are new to skiing will be happy to attend the Winter Sports School, which gets visitors off to a good start. Visitors who have had enough of the slopes can opt for an afternoon spa treatment or relax during an old-fashioned sleigh ride.

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