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"Perdido" is the Spanish word for lost, which means that Perdido Key translates to mean "The Lost Island" since the word key in this context refers to individual members of the chains of barrier islands that surround much of the state of Florida. Indeed, Perdido Key is sometimes even referred to as the "lost key" by locals in Escambia County where it is located.

Perdido Key also refers to a specific community located on the island, which is situated at the extreme northwest of Florida Gulf waters. This place is close to southeast Alabama, meaning that tourists coming to stay in their Perdido Key vacation homes may actually approach the island from the west instead of the north or east. The island is quite narrow even by Florida Keys standards, spanning no more than a few hundred yards of width over most of its 16 miles of length.

Perdido Key Sand Dunes Habitat

Because of its geographic layout, no point on Perdido Key is very far from water, and at all points, tourists have a ready choice of swimming and surfing in the Gulf of Mexico or exploring the narrow stretch of water that separates the island from the mainland. The beaches on the island are composed of the fine white "sugar sand" that characterizes Florida's barrier islands, and Perdido Key in particular has a beach dune habitat made up of sand dunes formed by the action of coastal winds. These dunes are covered by native vegetation such as sea oats and beach grass in addition to morning glories and railroad vines.

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