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Pensacola Beach: A Barrier Island Community

Pensacola is one of the most famous places in the state of Florida, largely because of the presence of a major U.S. military installation there. People should not confuse Pensacola Beach with the city of Pensacola, however. Pensacola Beach, rather than an official city, is an unincorporated community of less than 3000 people and is located on Santa Rosa Island rather than on the mainland of Florida. Santa Rosa Island is a barrier island located along the Gulf coast of the state. Tourists who wish to drive to their Pensacola Beach vacation rentals will find this quite easy to do even though they are situated on an island, for Santa Rosa Island features bridge connections.

The residents of Pensacola Beach are in an interesting situation with regard to land rights because the community sits on land that, according to a 1947 deed, must be administered in the public interest by the county or leased. The land therefore cannot be sold and the county has a legal obligation to keep the island's lands in excellent condition, which is a plus for visitors who come here to enjoy a relaxing vacation alongside the sea and surf.

The weather in Pensacola Beach remains more stable than is true of the mainland climate. This means that lows in the winter are actually warmer than in the nearby city of Pensacola and highs in the summer are slightly cooler, which can provide a welcome respite during the hottest months of the year.

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      Posted by Holly Leggett on Sunday, August 05, 2007
      Pensacola beach is the island with in reach. Come see why the locals want to keep their sparkling white sand and emerald green waters a secret. One of the best family beach destinations along the Florida Panhandle, plenty of space to watch the Blue Angels air show, parasail, fish, jet ski, shop, and enjoy abundant seafood. Swimming, surfing, and the longest pier along the gulf coast. A fantastic vacation destination or excellent location for winter snowbirds! Come enjoy life at the beach!