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Monuments and Towns in Brittany, France

Situated in northwest France, Brittany used to be an independent kingdom before it became a duchy and then an administrative region in the modern nation of France. The name comes from the little-known circumstance of the area once being called Little Britain to distinguish it from Great Britain. Due to its long history of British-French heritage, the area is also considered to be one of the "six Celtic nations. Brittany is located on a peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, just south of the English Channel, and slightly north of the Bay of Biscay.

Among Brittany's many interesting features is the presence of megalithic monuments. Made of huge slabs of stone arranged in columns, these monuments are ancient and probably date from the days of Celtic occupations. The purpose and exact history of the monuments is not fully understood.

Another tourist draw to Brittany is the Calvary sculptures, which are scattered throughout the area at crossroads in small villages. These sculptures depict scenes of the crucifixion and are a testament to the highly religious nature of the region in times past. Calvary sculptures are found throughout the region, but are particularly prominent in Western Brittany.

Holiday homes in Brittany offer tourists a chance to stay near old fortified towns such as Saint-Malo, a city that has retained its ancient walls.

The dominant language in Brittany is French, but locals may also speak Breton, a Celtic language closely related to Welsh and Cornish.

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      Ille et Vilaine, Brittany

      Posted by Sandy Moody on Saturday, May 16, 2009
      Brittany has the longest coastline in France and therefore there are miles of unspoilt sandy beaches. A coastal footpath makes it almost possible to walk the entire length from Mont St Michel in the North to Saint Nazaire. Inland Brittany is less well trodden that its coast and the beautiful countryside is full of history, heritage and legends. Take time to explore the diverse landscapes of farmland, woodland, rivers, canals and lakes.

      Why Brittany ?

      Posted by Sandra Thompson on Tuesday, July 31, 2007
      Brittany has a lovely mild climate and offers a host of activities. The coastline is diverse, from rocky crabbing beaches to the famous Point Du Raz to soft fine sand. Our beautiful campsite is just outside the traditional, medeival town of Quimper, offering you an abundance of local wares. There are lovely market villages nearby all well worthy of a daytrip, such as, Concarneau, Pont L'Abbe, Locronan, Benodet and the artists paradise of Pont Aven. All uniquely beautiful in their own way. For children as well as our active 4* campsite and local beaches, you will find a zoo, sea-life centre, wild-life walks, paint-balling, theme parks, mini-golf, bowling, go-karting, adventure parks, boating lake, indoor swimming pool and lots, lots more. Most of the above is within an hours car ride away. We feel it's an ideal place for either a relaxing beach style holiday or as fun and action packed as you can make it. There really is something for everyone in Brittany.

      Beautiful Brittany

      Posted by Lorna Cotton on Saturday, April 14, 2007
      Brittany is the bit of France which reaches out into the Atlantic, and it is an area that is very distinct from the rest of the country. It is a place of contrasts, a fasinating mixture of spectacular coastline and ancient towns. The people are Celts, sharing much of their culture with that of Cornwall in England and of Wales and Southern Ireland. Their ancestors built standing stones and passed on their myths and customs. Legend has it that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table gathered in the Forest of Paimpont and that Merlin is buried close by. Traditional Breton costume is worn at all the festivals, especially during the annual "Pardons". These religious festivals celebrate local saints and include a procession, enlivened by traditional Breton music played on traditional instruments. As a land surrounded by sea, seafood is abundant. The succulent lobsters and langoustines, the mussels and oysters make any visit to Brittany a gastronomic delight.