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Lake Havasu City Offers a Little Bit of London

The United States is full of people who would love to go to England but cannot see themselves taking a flight across the width of the Atlantic Ocean. For a little taste of England right here in America, all they have to do is visit Lake Havasu City in Arizona. This southwestern state might seem like the least likely place to find a bit of London, but in fact it is the home of London Bridge. Located in Arizona since 1971, the bridge was originally constructed in 1831 to span the River Thames in London. The City of London sold it in the late 60s and it was taken down, and then reassembled in Lake Havasu City, where it ranks as the state's second most popular tourist attraction.

There are many reasons outside of the bridge to book vacation homes in Lake Havasu City, though. The town has been featured twice during Spring Break coverage on cable television channel MTV, and has a reputation as a party city for university students taking a break from their studies. Boating is also popular here, with the lake a wide expanse of calm waters perfect for waterskiing. From March to September, all sorts of water sports are popular here, as is fishing. Lake Havasu City hosts several professional tournaments during the fishing season and also features such diverse activities as a triathlon, the World Jet Ski Finals, and the Havasu 95 Speedway.

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